Glowing Skin with Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub

I love this stuff!!

I’m a very scent oriented person and I love the invigorating or relaxing effects of scents. This scrub smells amazing! I’ve even gotten compliments from my boyfriend on it. Its so yummy smelling and it fills up the whole bathroom with the scent. It leaves my skin so soft and glowing.

If I don’t have time to put on lotion after the shower it is okay because of the Shea Nut Oil in this product.  I’m absolutely obsessed with it! And it is Paraben Free and DMDM Free. I will be trying out more Tree Hut things for sure!

I bought this at Ulta for $7.50 and it has lasted me a long time so it is definitely affordable.

*I don’t suggest it for sensitive skin however because of how rough the scrub is. I personally like sugar scrubs because of how coarse they are but others may prefer something more gentle.

Simple & Nutritious Hair Mask

olive oil cocooil oil bott;ehoney

For a long time, I used pre-made hair masks from the drugstore. Many times, I felt that they did nothing for my hair, but kept using them in hopes that there was some type of benefit occurring that I just couldn’t see. Then I began hearing about sulfates and other chemicals in hair products. I cut down on products that were not natural as much as I could. The easiest to eliminate were these hair masks. By then, there was an abundance of home-made hair mask recipes online to choose from. I tried many different ones and made many mistakes (some were too sticky or too hard to wash off). Finally, I have one that works very well with my hair and I actually love using it because I see results that same day!

A little background on my hair: I have thin, oily hair. After donating my hair, I have been working hard to grow it out and get my natural hair color back. My ends are quite dry because they are the part of my hair that I had previously bleached and colored. Once my hair gets a little longer, I will cut the ends off and get rid of any dyed hair. The roots of my hair are pretty oily as I have always had oily scalp and skin. My overall aim, is to embrace my natural hair and help it get as healthy as possible.

To make the mask: 1. take a small spoon and scoop out some coconut oil (I use Carrington Farms) and place it in a container that will not melt in the microwave. I used to use an old honey bear container but it was plastic, and although I only microwaved it for 10-20 seconds, it melted little by little. Now I use a small oil bottle because the pouring top makes it easier to distribute throughout my hair and it is not as messy as using a bowl or cup.  2. pour in some olive oil. 3. pour in some honey. How much of the ingredients you need depends on how thick and long your hair is. I don’t need a lot at all but I mix a bunch at once and just keep re-heating it when I use it again. 4. microwave 10-20 seconds (depending on your microwave and how cold it is where you are). Even if the entire amount doesn’t melt, the heat from what does melt, will eventually melt the rest. You don’t want it  to be too hot because it could melt your scalp or hair. Test a little on your hand or wrist to make sure it isn’t too hot.

To apply: I start with my roots because I find it less messy that way. I part my hair in the middle and do a line down the part, and rub or massage it in. Then I keep parting, pouring, and massaging. Once my roots are done, I do my ends. I hold as much hair as I can in my hand and pour the oil over it and then massage in. I do this on top of my sink just in case. Once my hair is saturated, I tie it up in a bun and I cover my hair with a plastic bag. I have roommates and they find the Walmart bag on my head amusing. I’m wearing it now as I write this! It is a good way to re-use the bags that I get when I forget to bring my canvas bags to the store.

To wash off: I shampoo the roots of my hair first (with shampoo and a good amount of baking soda) and rinse off. Then, I apply just shampoo to all of my hair (ends and all) and rinse off. Usually this is good enough for me and I don’t need to shampoo more. I’ve learned how much to shampoo for me through trial and error. On days when I do the mask I do not apply conditioner or leave-in conditioner. I try to do the mask once a week. I leave it in for an hour before washing off.

I love that I can see the results right away. The first thing I notice is that my hair is so shiny and sleek. It is also more manageable when combing through. My hair feels healthy. I try not to comb until it is dry.

I hope this hair mask works for you as well as it works for me!


When you’re stressed it can be hard to keep glowing. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of stress relievers to help you get back your radiance!

  • Take ten long deep breaths. Expanding your tummy with every inhale and bringing it back down with every exhale. Make sure your inhales and exhales are for the same amount of seconds.
  • Drink a cup of hot tea. Close your eyes and feel the warmth. Try to focus on the taste and the smell of your favorite tea to get your mind off of everything else.
  • Listen to relaxing music.
  • Light some candles.
  • Take a bath.
  • Take a steaming shower.
  • Use aromatherapy (we love lavender)
  • Watch a funny movie.
  • Cry if you need to.
  • Take a nap.
  • Do your nails (pamper yourself).
  • Get a massage.
  • Read a book.
  • Have a glass of wine or a refreshing cocktail (we love a Moscow Mule).
  • Pray.
  • Write.
  • Go for a scenic walk or a hike to clear your mind.
  • Cuddle with a loved one.
  • Yoga!